Wesfarmers House was constructed using the best technology available at that time. The owners have continued to upgrade and improve these systems, which continue to be to the highest standard required by the market.

The building has an on-site CCTV system of four cameras, which monitors the main entry and exit points of the building. The building has air handling units on each floor providing ducted air to the interior and perimeter VAV's. Three, roof located water-cooled chillers provide the buildings chilling requirements. Cooled water is then used to cool air in each of the two air handlers. Each typical floor has twelve perimeter zones and six interior zones serviced by Variable Air Volume boxes containing energy efficient electric re-heats. The Trane Tracer Building Management System controls each VAV zone.

The building was designed to allow subdivision of up to four tenancies per floor. Data and phone connections are located in MDF riser for the floor. Tea preparation areas are located behind the lifts. Reticulation of services is either via the ceiling space of the floor or through the floor slab to the ceiling space of the floor below.

40 The Esplanade has been designed and constructed to anticipate the functional requirements of modern office accommodation and provide a pleasant working environment. Particular issues addressed by the building designers include.

  • The selection of building systems capable of being on call at any time, responding to the increasing trend towards extended and/or irregular working hours.
  • The creation of an energy efficient engineering systems.
  • The emergency power provisions can accommodate fire service, emergency lighting, two lifts, air conditioning fans, exhaust fans, security and alarm systems, cold water supply, and a portion of lighting.

Features of the building include:

  • Duct spaces that allow for the latest in communications requirements.
  • Operational availability 24 hours per day.
  • Supplementary air-conditioning cooling towers to cater for provision of further airconditioning for boardrooms and the like.
  • A four CCTV camera security system with a permanent on-site building staff member.
  • MIL access control system.

The overall performance of the building and its services are directed to satisfying the requirements of the major tenant.

Building Control

A state-of-the-art building control system is installed to supplement the basic building facilities.

(a) Building Control

The functions provided include:

  • Management of energy consumption.
  • Central control of mechanical systems and equipment to maintain an optimum working environment.
  • Operator control of all plant and floor variables that will allow quick modification of set points to suit tenancy requirements.
  • External monitoring of system performance as well as off site diagnostics to speed problem identification and rectification.

(b) Security

Authorised after hours access is obtained through a MIL key facility at the main points of entry, controlled by the access control system.
Additional facilities include:

  • Monitoring of exit, internal fire and external doors.
  • MIL key readers in lifts, which will provide after hours access only to authorised floors.
  • Extension of the MIL key readers to tenancy entrances.

Energy Usage

One of the major design criteria for The Esplanade was to construct a building that maximised energy savings.

The building air-conditioning system operates with an economy cycle, which compares the internal temperature requirements with the outside air temperatures. The system then automatically adjusts the air-conditioning plant operation by utilising the outside air for heating, or more commonly, the cooling of the building.

As all buildings continually generate heat, even on colder winter days, cooling will usually be required. The economy cycle will utilise the colder outside air for cooling rather than initiating the operation of the buildings refrigeration system. During conditions of milder temperatures, the air handling facility has provision to allow for 100% outside air to be used in the building.

The building owners endeavour to operate and upgrade the building to minimise energy usage and also with a view to minimising any damage to the environment.

Air Conditioning

The air-conditioning installation is fully operational during normal business hours and can be energised out of hours on any one floor or group of floors. Supplementary cooling towers allow the installation of additional cooling units for computer areas and boardrooms.

The installation is designed to maintain internal temperatures in the range 22.5°C to 23.5°C summer to winter. These limits are related to seasonal variations of 35°C to 5°C. Relative humidity will have an upper limit of 55%, there is no lower limit.

40 The Esplanade utilises a Trane water-cooled screw chiller using the ozone friendly refrigerant R134a as the primary cooling device for the property. A Trane R12 centrifugal chiller provides intermediate stages of cooling, with the low load cooling supplied by a Trane R22 reciprocating chiller.

Fresh air provisions are liberal and include 100% fresh air during cool weather via the systems economy cycle.

The two air-handling units serve the perimeter and interior sections of each floor. The typical floor installation includes 18 zones, each with its own temperature controller, to which additional zones may be added.

Cooling for the building is derived from a central, chilled water plant. The facility is on call 24 hours a day. Heating is provided via electric re-heat units located in each VAV box.

All facilities are linked to the central computer, which both monitors and controls the facility.

Electrical Services

Electrical power is supplied to each floor via the electrical riser located on the East End of the core. A connection for tenants' wiring is made at this point.

On office floors, the tenants' electrical installation to these features will be subject to wiring and management strategies. Supplementary servicing can be achieved by arrangement via ceiling spaces, partitions or through the floor slab and via the ceiling space of the floor below.


Lighting fittings are 40-watt U tube units set out to achieve an average illumination in open office areas of 400 lux. There are two fluorescent tubes in each fitting. Additional further fittings to suit sub-divisional layouts are possible.

The introduction to task lighting arrangements to meet particular tenant requirements will be possible.

Lift Installation

The Schindler lift installation consists of four high speed passenger lifts, which serve all office floors and two service the basement.

Fire Protection

The building is protected throughout by a dual mains feed, wet pipe sprinkler system. This is backed up by diesel pump powered hydrants/hose reels located in each fire stair, fire detection and alarm facilities and communications systems, which provide for:

  • Emergency warning and evacuation.
  • Fire brigade contact.
  • Smoke detectors that are installed in all tenancy areas and the return air ducts.
The air-conditioning systems are fitted with smoke exhaust modes of operation.

To facilitate tenant fitout the sprinkler system is designed to accept a number of additional heads.

Propospective tenants should expect the regular statutory maintenance of the fire service facilities and the participation in regular fire evacuation training and drills.


Toilet facilities are in keeping with those for contemporary centre city developments. A tearoom is provided for each floor and includes boiling water units.

Wet stacks are provided at the south and north ends of the core for connection of additional tenant fixtures. In developing layouts tenants should check the suitability of proposed fixture locations with the project's services consultants.


The main amenities are located in the service core behind the lift shafts.

Male and female toilet facilities are provided at each floor level, with a disabled toilet available in the basement lift Lobby.

Male Toilets Female Toilets
Howard St car parkHoward St car park
1 Locker room1 Locker room
1 Urinal2 Cubicles
2 Vanity Basins2 Vanity Basins
1 Shower1 Shower
Levels 1 to 12Levels 1 to 12
1 Urinal 2 Vanity Basins
2 Vanity Basins 3 Cubicles
2 Cubicles  
1 Uni-sex disabled toilet is located on each level

A cleaner's room and store is provided on the car park basement level.

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