No tenancy fitout works may commence on site without prior consent from the Lessor.

Base Building Drawings

Base building drawings are available on site. These are available for tenants or their consultants to borrow for copying purposes. This should be arranged via the Building Manager.

Tenant Drawings

As a general guide, tenants are required to submit the following drawings for approval to:

Knight Frank Pty Ltd
Level 10
2 The Esplanade

1) Partition layout,

2) Demolition plans,

3) Details of alterations to the existing mechanical services, air quantities, and supplementary air conditioning systems in meeting and board rooms for example. Where supplementary air conditioning units are to be installed, details of these units must be provided including maximum design water flows,

4) Electrical drawings showing any special power requirements and in particular showing the location of emergency and exit lighting,

5) Fire services, fire protection details showing existing, relocated and new sprinklers and details of additional fire protection,

6) Hydraulic installations showing supply and waste for kitchens, change rooms, and showers,

Planning Requirements

Approval for floor penetrations will not be given except under special circumstances.

Locations of penetrations shall be checked and approved at the tenants cost by the building owners structural engineers

Location and loadings of compactus units must be provided and approval must be obtained prior to installation from the building structural engineer. The cost of this shall be borne by the tenant.

Building approval under the provisions of the building control act shall rest with the tenant.

Tenancy Works - Guidelines


Access will be arranged through the building services officer located on the ground floor foyer of the building. Ph. 0421 052 600

Parking Arrangements for Tenants Contractors

There is no on-site parking available for contractors at 40 The Esplanade, Perth. Pick up and drop off by arrangement only.

Under no circumstances shall the tenants contractors park in designated parking spaces at the building or block access to either the basement or rear laneway areas.

Use of the Goods Lift

All deliveries must be via the goods lift, located in the basement level of the building (enter via Mercantile Lane). Lift protection must be used at all times.

Under no circumstances may goods and materials be delivered through the ground floor lobby area.

The Building Manager coordinates access to the goods lift.

Tenants requiring the use of the goods lift must also contact the Building Manager

Programming of Security Access Passes for Contractors

Tenants requiring access cards for their nominated contractors for periods outside normal business hours should arrange this through the Building Manager.

Faxed requests are preferred on facsimile number 9325-2533.

Rubbish Removal

Tenants nominated contractors (if different from building's) must arrange for rubbish removal on a daily basis at their cost.

At no time should the building bins be used for this purpose.

Access into other Tenancies

Any access required into other tenancies must be organised via the Property Manager.

As much notice as possible should be provided.

Contractor Insurance

Tenants must ensure that all contractors engaged in works on their behalf hold a minimum of $10 million public liability insurance.

Noisy Works

The use of percussion tools and the carrying out of noisy works is prohibited between the hours of 8.00 am and 5.30 pm Monday to Friday.

Isolation of the fire system

The fire system must not be isolated without prior notification to the property manager and must be reinstated at the completion of works each evening.

Requirements upon Completion of Works

A certificate of building works in accordance with the Building Code of Australia and Standards to be completed by a licensed building surveyor shall be supplied to the property manager.

Provide balance figures for electrical switchboard with the appropriate scheduling completed.

Provide balancing figures for the air conditioning.

Provide a full set of installed drawings.

All plumbing registration approvals and warranties must be lodged and copies given to the property manager.

All penetrations through fire rated surfaces must be correctly fire stopped.

Detailed Operation

Normal Hours Operation

The building opens at 7.30am and individual floors come off security at the times required by the occupants. Access to the ground floor, lifts and nominated floors is unrestricted (except where necessary as a result of individual tenant requirements).

The system will shut down individual floors when required and locks the building’s front doors at 7.00pm.

After Hours Operation

“After hours” occurs at all times after 7.00pm in the evening and before 7.30 in the morning. Remember that if you have been in the building all day and are working back late, the building will be in after hours mode when you leave.

Pedestrian Entry

The front doors are controlled via the MIL key reader located to the left of the main entry. Insert the key once and the door will open. Proceed to the lifts and use the arrowed buttons to call the lift. Once in the lift the Mil key will have to be inserted again before selecting your desired floor.

Pedestrian Egress

When exiting the floor, call the lift using the lift call buttons. The main tenancy lights will require to be turned off manually.

The lift will take you to the ground floor where the only pedestrian egress is through the William Street sliding doors. The first set of sliding doors will open automatically, the second set must be opened by the push button located next to the door.

Vehicle / Basement Entry and Egress

Access to the Howard Street car park of the building is controlled via the roller door that is MIL-key controlled. When exiting the car park simply make your way to your car and drive up to the roller door, which will open automatically.

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