The Board of Modern Industries recognise that the Health, Safety and Welfare of Employees ranks equally within the Company with the provision of the best possible services to our client companies.

It is the policy of the company that equipment, workplaces and practices shall at least comply with relevant Regulations, Australian Standards and Codes of Practice and, wherever practical, higher standards will be attained. Necessarily, all standards and procedures apply equally to employees, contractors and visitors.

Essential funds and training will be provided where necessary and all levels of management are responsible for ensuring that all employees receive training in Safe Work Practices.

Senior management is committed to provide and maintain, as far as is practicable, a safe and healthy work environment, conducive to high morale and productivity. Employees at all levels in the organisation are expected to support management efforts and specific responsibilities for all employees are contained in the Health and Safety Manual.

Every effort will be made in the areas of Safety Education, Accident Prevention, Hazard Control, Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation, Health Preservation and Promotion to ensure the safety of the workplace, and the health of our workforce.












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